Business Opportunity
Last Updated On: Oct 21, 2019


While UHURU TRIBE choose to rather give commissions to its members than paying exorbitant fees on advertising, it has also chosen to limit the commissions to such an extent that optimal benefits are still created for the customers.

In order to manage and administer these commissions, a membership website ( with the necessary referral link system was created to help our members (The Uhuru Tribe) to control their commissions, stay in contact with their customers, and also share in the educational section regarding crypto currencies.

The business opportunity is that you, as a customer, can now become a Uhuru Tribe member and earn commissions on all sales and/or services sold to people who you refer to this website. You only have one referral link which opens the door for your referral to all the different platforms. Should your customer also choose to become a member, then you will also earn a commission on the sales made to his/her customer, and so it goes on for 10 levels deep.

Membership to the Uhuru Tribe is UHC 25.00 (first time also a registration fee of UHC 2.50) per month for which you receive:
  • Training and education regarding Cryptocurrencies, how to buy and sell, as well as how to make money through cryptocurrencies;
  • Weekly FREE tips on which coins the management decides to buy/sell or which ICO’s they participate in (this is based on intense market research and economic changes);
  • The opportunity to attend our public rallies, conventions, and conferences at a discounted price;
  • A nice commission on 65% of all commissions on your 1st level below you and then the remainder over another 9 levels of all transactions below you no matter if they are members or not
  • The opportunity to participate on a monthly Level-up Bonus structure where you can receive up to UHC61 440.00 per month
  • Participation in the Monthly Production Bonus
  • Participation in the Monthly Founders Bonus
It is therefore important to take note that UHURU TRIBE:
  • IS NOT an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Scheme, as it is NOT dependent on the sale of memberships but the participation of its products. There are no matrixes, binaries and/or any schemes involved, and commissions are earned purely on referrals who make use of the services, while a secondary smaller commission is paid on the referral of your referrals up to the 10th level
  • IS NOT a pyramid or Ponzi scheme as the business is NOT dependent on the recruitment of new business partners to pay its commitments
  • Offers services to its registered participants for which they are charged & the commissions are added to these services in order to pay such commissions
  • DOES NOT pay any commission to a person who is not a paid-up member. We believe that satisfied customers will always tell their friends and as they never get paid for telling a friend about a movie, product or service they enjoy, we will always render them top, good service. IN ORDER TO qualify for any commissions, you MUST BE A PAID-UP member!

IN ORDER to make use of our services you MUST be registered and to register you MUST be referred by a current member or partner. Once registered you can choose to become a paid-up member or just remain a normal participant.